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These are some of our most commonly requested bylaws.  A full list of bylaws is available in the RM office for viewing, copies are available for a minimal fee.

Fees Bylaw

2014 Base Tax Bylaw

14/80 Respecting Vicious Dogs

Animals at large

16/80 Situating of Buildings

22/80 Planting of Trees

Zoning Bylaw

Official Community Plan

02/01 Building Bylaw

02/06 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

06/06 General Penalty Bylaw

01/07 Tax Holiday Bylaw

08/07 Speed of Heavy Vehicles

09/09 Penalty on Tax Arrears



Public notice is hereby given to inform the citizens of the RM of Paddockwood and area that the RM of Paddockwood has hired the Commissionaires North Saskatchewan to enforce the bylaws for the RM of Paddockwood. The contract will commence April 20, 2016 for a period of 12 months to April 20, 2017

The Commissionaires will be easily identifiable as they will be wearing uniforms and driving identifiable decaled vehicles. The Commissionaires will have full authority to enforce the bylaws of the RM of Paddockwood.

Although the Commissionaires purpose will be to enforce our bylaws, the initial period will be more education than enforcement. Citizens of the RM of Paddockwood will be given ample opportunity to comply with RM bylaws; however, compliance with our bylaws will be required. Copies of these Bylaws are available at our office or on our website you can also request these bylaws by email. Failure to comply with bylaws could result in further action taking place including such steps as issuing an “Order to Remedy”, fines, and compliance completed by the RM of Paddockwood with the costs being charged to the bylaw offender.

The Commissionaires are being hired to serve the citizens of RM of Paddockwood so please treat them with respect.

Issued at the RM of Paddockwood this 20 day of April, 2016

Lance Fehr                             Naomi Hrischuk
Reeve                                      Administrator